[ MimiLucy - Never Give Up ]
2010/04/24 - 05/19
Exhibition View at NoEnd Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

MimiLucy was launched in 2009. It is a serial created by CHANG, Huei-Ming and LIAO, Chi-Yu. This serial is centered around two fictional characters: Mimi and Lucy. Like any heroes/heroies in action movies, they go on all kinds of missions.

The foremost plan for Mimi and Lucy is to set out on a space adventure. Anticipated, they start off. The earth cherished and loved by them so much before has been left behind, becoming smaller and smaller. Waste or grand, no matter what they see, Mimi and Lucy are always high in spirit. They venture into every unknown terrain in front of them. In the meanwhile, they ponder: how far can we get; what on earth do we have to advance into the cosmos with no fear? That thinking involves various questions about human’s life and environments and intertwines with the fate of Mimi and Lucy’s adventure.

The work has been produced in the following forms: digital photography, sculptures, and single/multi-channel video. With such a wide-ranged forms to record and to express, the authors present a profound dimension of this journey. A huge amount of images and videos available on the internet and mass media have been adapted with editing in this work. They are transformed to construct this space journey, or the spectacles and imaginations of the so-called “dreamland.”

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