South American temperament, desire, passion and a rhythm that gets under the skin: The short film "Forró" presents one of the most popular Brazilian couple dances in a vivid montage. The musical performers with their characteristic instruments as well as the dance couple performing the typical dance steps, turns and figures introduces the Forró without words, making it universally understandable as a special musical and dance genre.

Director: Gundula Bergter
Dancers: Isabella de Assis Mendonça, Junio Reis de Souza
Musicians: Trio de Forró "Capangas": Chris (zabumba), Léo (acordeon), Anjou (triangle)
Setting: Café Bahia Brasil in Cologne (Germany)
Camera'A'/Editor/Sound/Soundmix: Gundula Bergter
Camera'B'/Lighting Design/Soundassistance: Anne Thomschke
Lighting Design/Soundassistance: Christoph Meyer
Soundmix: Richard Jacobi

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