I wanted to see if using my old Mamiya Lenses on my 5DMII would work. To my surprise not only did it work, it worked quite well.

How did it stand up to my Canon "L" series lenses? Well, they certainly are NOT "L" glass, not bad as far as I'm concerned though.

The Mamiya 80mm 1.9 was pretty sweet I must admit, and will definitely go into our gear bag. I looked online to try and find a formula to determine the focal length equivalent for the 5DMII, but they didn't seem to work. TBH, looking at them compared to the Canon lenses, it's almost a match.

In other words, when I compare the Canon 85mm to the Mamiya 80, the Mamiya should be more like a 30mm lens. That's not the case....

Anyway - The adapter ring rocks, and can be found at fotodiox.com/catalog/home.php

You can see the high-res files here:

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