So I mentioned earlier that Alan showed up on his street bike. Huh? So what is a man with no dirt bike or gear to do? Borrow, of course. What a man of leisure he is, I will call this the Dapper Dirt Biker. Now don't go getting them fancy pants street bike boots dirty.

This was actually the first ride of the day, we were attempting to ride Bill's Woods while it was still somewhat cool.

Unfortunately, we had heard rumors of a recent gate closure due to some folks getting lost in the extremely tight and twisty trails, and eventually suffering heat exhaustion. Fortunately for them, they were rescued.

Let's go see if that gate is still open! Alan was our leader for this ride, so I knew either way it would be a good one.

There are some nice vistas out there in North Texas, towards the end of this video I captured a few glimpes of the Red River down on our left, which serves as the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma.

Location: Red River MC in North Texas

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