The June 2010 episode of Yuxtapongo, the NC public access TV show.

Video and Music by Kevin Eugene Clark, Chuntering Rube, Jesse England, Chris Musina, Seoun Som, Neill Prewitt, Translucent Dolphin, Workday/Schoolnight and Yes! Sputnik.

Kevin Eugene Clark's idiosyncratic animated self-portrait;

Chuntering Rube's "Your Cheatin Heart with Dog," updating Caddyshack;

Chris Musina's "Oh, Lonesome Beast," a sad tale of the misunderstood beast (;

Seoun Som's "Isolation," cooking and eating, missing home and finding new friends (;

Workday/Schoolnight's "The Children," a biting social critique (;

Jesse England's "Steve Winwood is Hungry For Breakfast," in which playing Steve backwards reveals the secret behind his universal appeal (;

Yes! Sputnik & Translucent Dolphin's "FM Show," spliced and moshed transmissions of the foamiest 80s movies and video games (;

with titles by Neill Prewitt (

This episode aired on Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC public access television throughout June 2010.

Yuxtapongo: NC public access TV 2008-12. 40 episodes at

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