Potentially controversial discussions for this week ending the 27/06/10: Holy wow, the first photograph of an exoplanet seven times the size of Jupiter, where are we going when MRI scans are able to predict future behaviour and decisions with scary accuracy, tantalizing Singularity topic on cognitive surplus, 3D Earth-mapping satellite, and run for the fracking hills as Oscar the cat goes BIONIC!

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links: hive45.com/shows/episode-21-cognitive-bliss-bionic-cats/

Stories covered this week:
First Ever Photograph of Extrasolar Planet (Large Image), MRI Scans Are Better At Predicting Your Behavior Than You Are, Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Up To 7 Seconds Before You're Aware of Making Them, Khan Academy, TED: Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world, TED: Susan Blackmore on memes and "temes", Wikipedia: Human Computation, German TanDEM-X Satellite Accurately Mapping Earth in 3D, Oscar, The Cat With Prosthetic Legs

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