Subject: Axiom Elements Flamenco Piece Choreography & Music
Imagine the 6 couples appear @ rear of stage during the opening notes, the 3 fan/poi couples light immediately, and about 15 seconds in at the sharp transition they are in position striking a pose and begin their slightly longer than a minute routine finishing during the straight techno beat portion with a stretched out tour of the stage/audience interaction while fanning themselves and possibly a brief interaction as the 3 Hooper/staff couples (who have been hanging out in the visible back of stage area slowly lighting one another up and generally carousing while watching the poi/fan couples; the poi/fan couples switch with them to assume their very stylized semi-static poses in the rear of the stage). hoop/staff couples launch into their over a minute and a half long routine; finally, the music slows sort of abruptly as the staff/hoop group moves to middle stage holding their tools so as to create infernos for the four slitters striding through to light their tools on and be rocking the front of the stage before the first blast of vocals finishes. They continue to rock the stage as all performers from this piece move forward to surround them. We can add to this theme of people entering the stage by putting this piece as the finale of our show and have the entire troupe come out for a brief 20 second party on stage at the end then bow, applause...
Come out arms out and down around hip level, 1 beat same-time, same-direction.
Advancing w/partner switching leading shoulder/hip (like threatening with a knife)
Hit stage mark, strike high-pose (everyone does their own pose)
1 + 1/2 style meltdown back & forth w/fan partners
into spin 180 degrees & stop w/horizontal stalls (very wild to very static lots of chaotic energy)
Pull away into static pose (hands and poi off to side of head/shoulder doing split time butterfly)
(When posing for fan embrace cock upper arm @ "proper" angle and look away from poi.)
& brace for slide down then switch sides/facing for knee hug
"how dare you challenge"
Reel w/eye contact spot turns and isolated inward stall moments
Strike final pose; audience interaction (shoot stall to arm out slow turn or ....)
Escort fan partner off stage.
Poi finishes backstage back to back w/fan poi down and swinging lazily in split time
Come out w/fans @ hips, switching which is forward while mirror side-stepping w/poi partners
*strike pose (falcon) feather flutter down
Meltdown high & away from hair using traditional lines
into double helix (like a dress train)
Full on interactions: Back into poi partner w/fans crossed in front, slide down to seat on ground
turn on ground to hug knee of poi partner
both snap out of it into glaring spot turns
Stop strike high pose w/fans fully unfolded, bring down to chest level, interact w/audience
collapse fans snake/milk it walk to back of stage fanning self
Poi/Fan each couple poses differently one w/fans held high, one sitting w/fans down @ sides, one another way.
Come out doing side to sides @mid-section level switching hands
[starting here work some stomping feet in if it looks good]Quickly switch to overhead similar w/whip around diagonal spirals (and horizontal isolations if possible)
Then on body horizontal hoop w/vertical travel up & down body
Into spot turns starting w/vertical travel up & down body
into Lira spot turns if possible w/stomp stop and throwing hoop out to side [end stomping feet begin more adversarial]
Into spot turn w/ pop-flower
into same w/behind head isolation
into diagonal on-body isolation (w/free hand gesturing)
Diagonal on body isolation w/free hand gesturing
into arms cross isolation (vertical movement)
into wall plane up & anti-spin
Back & forth w/staff partner Fencing warrior-like movements w/iso-pop "lunges"
Into Hooper as bull-fighter w/hoop-as-cape-like movements letting lunging staff pass by (taunting staffer)
Hoop & Staff finish w/"bulls-eye" (amazing lines)
Mimic hoop (in general)
Side to side tucks into horizontal finger spins w/body half-turns
Raise up and into palm-hand-spin w/slow turn stare-down
Into wall plane flourish w/high-line finish (good flamenco lines)
R-type down (vertical curve, straight arm)
into anti-spin spot turns
into semi-reeling spot turns
into duck under w/high finish
Isolations (slow movements to fast to slow)
into anti-spins
into hybrids
Fencing w/off-center grip
Prime' parry w/good flamenco lines (melt-downish)
Show "not afraid/eager for death" when hoop chases (bare chest and stand up to them)
Chase back into bull fighting
Give high Fencing anti-spin cross-legged "static" signal so Hooper stops isolation with good body lines
rise-up to cross-stepping lunge into hoop "bulls-eye" Finish

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