Moving Brands, working with AKQA, have created a bespoke interactive installation at Fiat's first ever UK concept store. AKQA invited Moving Brands to work with them to create a unique interactive experience to engage, excite and inform customers.

The big-screen installation uses nine 40' LCD screens with 48 ceiling and wall mounted infra-red sensors that track customers movements around the store space. This tracking system enables the installation to create a real-time onscreen dialogue with customers, attracting and inviting them to engage with three interactive animated modules that reflect the cheeky personality of the Fiat 500 brand experience.

These interactive modules offer a balance between 'playing' and 'learning' experiences, across three themed applications. All of these applications are operated via gestural-interfacing, which means customers can control what appears onscreen simply with their movements and position relative to the screen.

Having developed the creative concept, design and implementation using the open source Processing platform, the Moving Brands team then built the network interface, and managed testing (software and hardware), build and on-site installation.

The Fiat concept store launched in February 2008.

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