Writer/ Director/ Co-Animator- Justin Morton
Producers- Justin Morton, Seth Eckert, Kevin Wolf
Animation- Seth Eckert
Camera- Justin Morton
Original Score- Justin Bowsher
Grip- Kevin Wolf
SFX- Kevin Wolf

This was a project we created in spring 2010 to explore some ideas on green screen and live action animation.
We conceptualized, wrote, built, shot, animated, and edited from February 1st- April 16th ("Highbridge Film Festival 2010" entry date)

Our main limitation were the software and time. We did all the animation in motion 3 and cut it together in FCP 6.

This was the first green screen project we've had a chance to work on, so alot of new obstacles for us.

We thank Asbury University for allowing us to build our green screen set in the TV studio for the duration of the Olympics (most Media Comm. students work the Olympics so we had alot of the building and equipment to ourselves :)

It was a good learning experience.


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