Grandison Taber is a skateboarder and graphic designer who is based in Providence, Rhode Island. This being the very first representation of the word RAW on a series of products outside of our original logo, we could not think of a better artist to depict it. Grandison's artwork, in this case, portrays to us that building a brand is an endless trip through the labryinth. The many twists and turns that a company takes based upon the decisions it makes are sometimes great and other times terrible. However, the never ending results we see are a big picture made up of small details. Grandison has been affiliated with us for the majority of the time that we have been around, and has witnessed our process. Although it appears to be very straightforward, the graphic that he has produced travels many avenues to arrive at its final format. We are proud to have Grandison Taber be a key part of our process for July 2010. Please refer to our site for a full viewing of the project. Thanks, Granny.

Shot On Location At Pawtucket, Rhode Island And Jewitt City, Connecticut

Flimed and Edited By Thom Musso

S.C. K.S.

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