“An old man is packing up for a long journey. On an antiquarian decrepit bike, with a life-sized paper boat on his back he heads of to find his true home — apart from all the loveless madness, societies decadence and the isolation he had to experience every day.”

Official music video for the lovely Austrian folk/indie band Protestant Work Ethic provided to you kindly by the OSTBLOK guys. Thankfully we got some UNIQUE help from these awesome fellows: Johannes Höß, Johannes Raimann, Bernhard Schlick.

During production we lost an Arri Light, a floating tire, 200€, one good take, the ability to render Quicktime movies instead of TIFF sequences, and our innocence. Producing this video was responsible for 0,00000000000000000000001‰ of the worlds carbon emission. Thank you rain for being always there when we didn’t need you and then fucking with us when you gave us a perfect rainbow directly opposite of what we were shooting.

Shot on Locations in Vienna, Weiden and the WUK on a Canon EOS 7D and edited in an Apple studio with a suite of things from Adobe.

© 2010 OSTBLOK: Patryk Senwicki, Dominic Spitaler, Tamás Kiss. vimeo.com/channels/ostblok


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