Posted July 4, 2010

Real Proof that denying feedback results in
abuse of power.

So when you ask, your team is there any
negative feedback, and they say no.

It doesn't mean that there isn't negative feedback;
it means that your not comparing their reply with
the obvious.

I know you have full control of your product; however,
do you have full control and knowledge of the actions
of your company?

If so please tell me how many customers were blocked last month, and then tell me what the customers had to say. I ask you, do you even provide means for customers to contact you, if they were blocked, do your
customers get a notice that they have been blocked and
have a means to talk with anyone else besides the person that applied the block. If not, you may want to
reconsider if you have created a place for abuse of power to grow.

I might be mental, poor, and nothing to do but full time
internet; but that does not mean that I am stupid just because I am disabled.

Thanks you for your time.

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