At the final stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour in St. Paul we saw some amazing skating go down in the finals.

Cody Davis came out and destroyed the course.  He took third place with a frontside hurricane and kickflip 50-50 down the rail. He also landed a backside 360 and tre flip down the stairs.

It was a close call between second and first, but Dan Coe ended up in second. He killed the plank with a back tail bigspin and kickflip back tail to fakie. He also frontside and backside flipped the stairs.

Alec Majerus took first place. He was going off on the rail with a kickflip back lip and kickflip front feeble. On the plank ledge he landed a front blunt, noseblunt and kickflip frontside 5-0.

Dalton Oklesson was the New Era Originator of the Day after landing tricks like backside body varial and late shove down the stairs.


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