By and large, Spring Spectacle 2001 was my entry into the world of larger-scale video projects... I had done shorter videos before... 10, 15 minutes... a half hour maybe... but to take footage from an entire YEAR... typically averaging around 20 hours of footage... and cram it into a video under two hours and make it look awesome? That was a new challenge. The folks at InterVarsity seemed to like it though... otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone on to do four more.

"You call yourself a stock broker?"

• USS IVCF / Bilhorn Welcome / Fall Picnic
• Large Group
• Homecoming 2000
• Intervarsity Men's Quintet Minus One: "The Bilhorn Song"
• Things Josh Does Between Student Appointment
• Josh King Interviews
• Chapter Focus Week / Fall Conference 2000 Slideshow
• InterVarsity Men's Quintet Minus One: "Where In the World is Bob the Red Tomato"
• Fall Conference 2000 Video
• Josh King Wall Calendar
• More Josh King Interviews
• The Light World Show
• Socials And Other Fun Stuff Slideshow
• Christmas Party
• Yet More Josh King Interviews
• Arctic Blast
• More Things Josh Does Between Student Appointments
• Even More Josh King Interviews
• The Rest of the Slides Slideshow
• The Last of the Josh King Interviews
• Other Events Video
• InterVarsity Men's Quintet Minus One: "Once Knew A Guy and His Name Was Joe"
• Freshman Men's Bible Study On The Town
• Swing Dance Party
• Beamup / End Titles / Blooper Reel

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