The fourth installment of the Taubert-created Spring Spectacle Anthology, the 2004 video features our own interpretation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy… and is the longest running Spring Spec video to date.

"What? I don't get it. Did someone say my name?"

• Opening Titles / The One Ring
• NSO Picnic / Large Group
• Chapter Focus Week 2003 Video
• Chapter Focus Week 2003 Slideshow
• LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (simplified)
• Chapter Focus Week 2003 Extended Footage
• Costume Party
• Bilhorn Plans a Wedding
• Fall Conference 2003 Video
• Fall Conference 2003 Slideshow
• LOTR: The Two Towers (simplified)
• Mad Scientist Interviews (featuring The Announcer)
• IVCF: The Reality TV Show II (Attack of the Clones)
• Do-It Propane Those People In Line
• Fall Conference 2003 Extended Footage
• Christmas Party
• Winter Blast
• Men's/Women's Retreats
• J.C. for Men
• Fun at the Furnace
• The Rest of the Slides Slideshow
• LOTR: Return of the King (simplified)
• End Titles / Blooper Reel

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