This month - @1614 is featuring artist Jerrod Smith.

Emerging from the Oklahoma art scene, Jerrod Smith has found success in collaborating with other artists to make Oklahoma a community that supports young artists. Smith’s collection of mixed media work expresses personal thoughts and his every day life through pre-existing images of past generations.

His work is not just a collection of artifacts and old pictures, but also paintings. With a B.F.A from the University of Central Oklahoma, he has studied painting, photography, screen printing and other media and has found himself drawn to incorporating them all.

“With mixed media there are no restrictions to re-creating the images in my head,” Smith said.

In much of his work the style used is emulated from the aged quality of a photograph that has been folded up and crinkled from riding around in a wallet. He sees sympathy in the connection people have with images of the past, especially when he can view the bumps, scratches and tears of age in his materials.

Film INFO - shot on Canon 5D Mark II - graded in "Color"
music - Jónsi - "Boy Lilikoi"

twitter: iamchristopherh

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