This was a short vid I did over the weekend for a friend of mine.

Basically, he had complained on a social networking site about his workplace - and I'd jokingly suggested firebombing it...! He responded with: "Can you arrange it?"

That question was never answered online - til now.

Paddy has already seen it - and loved it! But I had to remove it from YouTube cos he was afraid his bosses would see it and go off on one...!! It had already been linked all over this social site, so the only option was to remove it completely. Shame...but at least I can share this with my friends on here now!

The idea came from my girlfriend, Lynda - so full credit to her for inspiration!



The shop itself was a photo I camera mapped using Photoshop's Vanishing Point filter and by animating a camera inside After Effects CS5.

Plugins used: Trapcode's Particular and Form, VCP's Optical Flares, and Digi Effects Freeform (which comes bundled with CS5), which I used to do the paper effects.

The explosions are VideoCopilot's Action Essentials 2.

It took me two days to get this far - if I had been doing it for a production, I would have spent another 4 days working on it to perfect it. It's NOT perfect, far from it - there's still a ton of stuff I could add - but I did it whilst taking a break from doing my showreel, so it's just a bit of fun! That said, I hope you enjoy it!! :-)

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