Plastic Incarnation
A Performance Film By Treiops Treyfid

Plastic Incarnation is an avant-garde, conceptually-based performance art and video piece. It's aim is to portray the realities of the current "oil age" in which we are immersed, in deconstructed form. It includes several performers, abstract improvised music, elaborate costumes made from recycled elements, Butoh-inspired dance, and pattern-based choreography.

Treiops Treyfid is a Los Angeles based artist


Video direction and editing
Brad Cooper

The Little Red Writer (Lead)
Roger Fojas
Michelle LaVon
Nichole Hanley
Maggie Lally

Hans Fjellestad

Brad Cooper
Christopher Nelson

Katie Middleton

Sound mixing
Atom Smith

Tommy Domingues

Mask inspiration
Asya Schween

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