Pornographic photography has upset the distance between representation end body. It has left the languid, romantic body to come near, and nearer still, almost to touch, to penetrate. Like financial capital, pornography cancels distance, or rather changes them, the body expressing its gift becomes a mere posture, something to search rather than to explore, to exploit whatever it may still produce, even the most dingy images. Coincidence (?) of its development with that of medical imagery, which takes us from outside to inside, magically floating through the opaque. And all this in negative. X-rays or echographs, everyone can read a negative.
The negative, primary image of the examined body, the holy shroud of old technologies.

La photographie pornographique a bousculé les distances de représentation aux corps. Elle a quitté le corps alangui, romantique dans un décorum petit bourgeois, pour s’approcher, s’approcher encore et en corps, effleurer, pénétrer. Comme le capital financier, la pornographie annule l’éloignement, il n’y a plus de posture offerte, il s’agit de fouiller les corps afin d’extorquer ce qu’ils peuvent encore produire, ce qui est exploitable, même de pauvres images. Coïncidence (?) de son développement avec l’ imagerie médicale, qui nous transporte de l’extérieur à l’intérieur en passant à travers. Et cela en négatif. De l’image radiographique, à l’échographie tout le monde sait interpréter un négatif.
Le négatif, image première, du corps scruté, examiné. Saint Suaire technologique.

« Pornographie » video 4:3 / black & white / 2008 ©combesrenaud2008

Universo vídeo. La Vidéothèque
A map of contemporary audiovisuals
7 nov 2014 - 8 mars 2015
This exhibition showcases the work of artists in the audiovisual platform/archive at La Vidéothèque, an online resource centre which has been compiling and diffusing the creations of video artists from across the globe since 2010. Fully committed with visual creation, La Vidéothèque also organises projections and publishes online and text editions. Likewise, it forms part of a network of exchange and collaboration with other artistic structures run on the principle of self-management and free access to content.

Universo vídeo. La Vidéothèque presents nine works offering a cross-section of happening tendencies in audiovisual creation today. Like an electrical circuit or system, the singularities of each individual work feed off, affect and transform the following one, creating a narrative where links with other forms and different motives are forged or broken.

In this way, the works weave a mesh addressing the state of the question. From documentaries and games that engage with reality to the ghosts of the past that haunt the present, though experiments with forms, textures and colours, until arriving at more specific genres like filmed diary, reportage, musical video, urban symphonies or other technical interventions like collage, found film and appropriationism.

The exhibition also has a competitive component. During FICX (Gijón Film Festival) one of the participants in the exhibition will be awarded a prize which consists of a two-week production residency at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. The work produced during the residency will then be presented at FICX 2015.

Curated by: Chloé Dragna and Alfredo Aracil
Artists & works:
Ismail Bahri, Orientations, 2010
Philippe Cote, Des nuages aux fêlures de la terre, 2007
Combes & Renaud, Pornographie, 2008
Boris du Boullay, Je n’ai fait que t’attendre, 2013
Thibault Jehanne, Eclipse, 2014
Ben Russell, The Twilight State, 2014
Oriol Sánchez, Waking Windows aka Victoria's Wake, 2014
Jérôme Schlomoff, Henri Plaat, 2010
Elise Vandewalle, Première demeure, 2010

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