Hello. I'm Sticky Sweater. Today, I'm going to talk about our receeding numbers and what we can do to maximize our potential in the up comming Washington D.C. protest. We'll also talk about the current status of our war against scientology.

This is no doubt our most important protest to date since our friends in the media will be paying close attention. There are a handful of media outlets which will no doubt give us at least some coverage. The Village Voice, Radar Online, Glosslip and others I believe can be counted on to provide at least some general internet coverage.

Scientology, despite their relative ineffectivness in the past, is finally starting to lay low in the public debate. Keeping out of the news makes it harder for the media to mention our protest, even in passing. This no doubt has a negative effect on our morale, making our efforts seem futile.

I recommend a concerted effort on the U.S. capitol this month. I'd rather not guess what our attendance numbers would be, but rest assured, getting thousands to protest an obscure religion's abusive practices is an accomplishment in itself worthy of praise.

An effective protest with proper internet coverage can help to bolster our forces going forward and maintain our commitment to fighting this war to the end.

If this war does end prematurely, rest assured anonymous, that you have saved the financial and spiritual lives of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people all over the world. I salute you.

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