This is the OFFICIAL GAG REEL of our "film noir" project of the homonymous seminar of Dr. George Rueckert (SS 2010) from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, where 5 students aimed to produce a short movie in the style of "film noir" (approx. 20 minutes long) and present it to their fellow students.

P.S.: This movie was evaluated with an A by our lecturer Dr. George Rueckert! Thanks in advance for that incredible evaluation!

actors: michel kremer as detective john riley, jan kellermann (ME) as leonard mcqueen, livia weber as holly mcqueen, lea loukas as lauren dunway-parker
producer: vera krutz, jan kellermann
director: vera krutz
camera: vera krutz
script: lea loukas, livia weber
casting: lea loukas
make-up: lea loukas, livia weber
hair styles: lea loukas, livia weber
costumes: jan kellermann, livia weber, lea loukas, michel kremer, kostümverleih lich "wundertüte"
actors: jan kellermann, livia weber, michel kremer, lea loukas
music: angelo badalamenti (the edge of love soundtrack), trevor jones (dark city soundtrack)
special thanks to dr george rueckert, florian quéinec, andreas günzing, mr. loukas, timothy hörl and everyone who made this project possible!

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