*“An ode to the ups and downs of Life”*

It was during a very frustrating first three years of higher studies that brought the idea of Animation to life. We were in a campus surrounded by forests and in a way trapped inside a very small physical and mental space. During the second half of the forth year at the campus we discovered the Erindale Park in Mississauga; we always walked through the campus pathway leading to the forest and onto a secluded part of the park.
The place represented a moment of happiness. The lushness of the green and the warmth of the air really brightened our minds but returning to reality always took a toll. This swing between struggle and joy is what Animation is about, the dance of happiness and the withering of sadness to the point where they both blend and become the same and then part ways.
Animation has been made with the financial help from the Summer Generator grant program at the University of Toronto.

*Struggles Baby!*
Dmitri worked so much on this project that in the end his profit from this production works to be in the pennies/hour league. However seeing the final cut of Animation always makes him forget all the things that went wrong during the production.
Tracing 3200 frames by hand with a pencil in a dark room, scanning them onto a pc and editing to the point where the pages run at 30fps was not an easy task but adding to that the need to compose and perfect the background score you have one really committed individual.

*Credits (short)*
Music and Animation: Dmitri Tcherbadji
Directed: Thayanantha Thevanayagam and Dmitri Tcherbadji
Tech: Jacob Maracle
Dancer: Sai Taal

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