Pi was a space. A space where movement became sound, and dance became light. Where all merged. A totally immersive world where your body became the instrument of art. A place where dance is no longer a reaction to the music, but the creator and manipulator of it. A loop in which all affects all.

In the Trash City section of the almighty Glastonbury festival we baked our Pi. A round, 16 metre Big Top tent provided the pan, and we filled it with an awe-struck crowd.

As people came into the tent they were tracked by cameras and glowing silhouettes were thrown onto the walls. As they moved, photons, plasmas and other particles radiated from them and were sent flying around the tent.

Their movement also controlled sound through a series of instruments. Through scratching a beat, slapping a bass, hitting keys or strumming strings, the audience became composers, conductors and performers of their own collective experience.

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