In celebration of education and the arts, w+k12 and Fashionbuddha combined typography with the unique grace of ballet.

The resulting font is based on the physical movements of two Oregon ballet dancers, Grace Shibley and Lucas Threefoot, and the work of choreographer Candace Bouchard. The dancers were fitted with infrared LED lights, which captured their steps in real time as they danced all 26 letters of the alphabet.

The dancers' performance was filmed using an HD video camera and a camera with an infrared filter. Using custom software, the infrared light traced the dancers' movements over the top of the HD video in real time. A second application evaluated the movement and converted the points and lines into a usable, TrueType font.



choreography // candace bouchard
ballet dancers // grace shibley and lucas threefoot
programming and animation // fashionbuddha
font // wk12 and fashionbuddha
website and video editing // wk12

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