In this test I am looking at the new firmware. A friend emailed and told me about it. I looked it up and download it. You have to download gh1 ptool3 and the latest firmware. You then open ptools3 and it only works for windows. But if you are on a mac there is a cool link to a program called wine. That will let you run ptool3 on the Mac. Well there is a lot of info on it just Google Gh1 hack firmware. What you can do with this ptool3 is change some very important settings. First off you can make it so it shoot 24p Native in both Jpeg and in AVCHD codec (nice). Then you can up your compression from 17Mbit to 32Mbit AVCHD 1080p native 24p. IN Mpjeg mode you can do a bit more and this is what I really find interesting. For one you can change your Mpjeg compression up to 50Mbit at 1080p. Also there is a setting so you can have Mpjeg shoot at whatever frame you want. So as I do a lot of action I set mine to 20Fps. Buy the only thing is you cannot watch playback at 20fps. And I can still shoot 60fps in AVCHD mode.
Okay so here was the shooting workflow.
If I wanted 24fps I would set the gh1 to FHD Mode in AVCHD. If I wanted 60fps I would set it to SH mode in AVCHD. If I wanted 20 fps I would set it to Motion Jpeg HD. I did not do it but I should have slated the shots so you know what's what in post.
As native 24 fps you no longer need NeoScene to unwrap your 24fps. You can just import it using final cut pro log and transfer. I still like converting it to proress. The Mjpeg files will show up in your Iphoto when you plug in your camera. I moved them from MY Iphoto folder into a new folder then converted them to proress then conformed them using Cinema tools, to they played back at 23.976. If you don't conform the clips just play back to what looks like normal speed. If you want it to be speed up you have to conform it to 23.976 in Cinema Tools. Then import the files into final cut pro. This goes for your AVCHD 60p clips as well. You have to conform them to 23.976 using cinema tools. With the 60P AVCHD Clips I like to convert them to proress then conform them to 23.976 this will give you the 60p. But I also like these clips in 23.976 so I use Neoscene to convert the clips to 23.976 proress. So I have the clips at 60fps and 24fps. Its a little more work but I like what I can do with it in editing.
I really like that I have speed control, that was one of the things I liked a lot about the HVX200. One the things I hated giving up was speed control when I made the move to Gh1. If you have a laptop and you are will to take the time to do it you could change the speed to 1-60fps. I mostly just use 20fps but sometimes I do miss 22fps.
Before the hacked firmware, and you can see the other test I did. I was changing speeds using a plug-in called Twixtor. It's a great plug-in but you can still see artifacts and some ghosting in the clips. It's always best to do these speed effects in camera if you can and now we can.

PS Thank you everyone for helping me out with the test.

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