In the late 1980s I moved to live on a smallholding high in the Derbyshire Peak District. It was quite a shock for a townie like me to witness the sheer force of the extreme weather that is the norm for this desolate place. When it snowed, as it did every winter without fail, the world turned whiter than the whitest white that I could ever have imagined.

THE WHITE OUT. When all familiarity disappears, the feeling of disorientation is overwhelming. This video is my attempt to capture some of the intensity of these moments. Other worldly moments when the unreal goes into head on combat with the real, when all the senses go out of synchronisation, moments at once frightening and intensely magical.

How much you will see in this video will depend on a number of factors including: the type of monitor that you view it on; the ambient light in the room and, of course, your eyes. Remember there is almost always something happenning on the screen - how much you see will depend on you.

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