With the help of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Humanitarian Openstreetmap.org has completed three training courses in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake.
Recently the "HOT" team was hosted by IOM at its sub office in Gonaives. Its a city in the north of the country that has suffered terrible damage and loss of life from flooding. The city has been hit by two 100 year storms in the space of the last four years.
The 2010 hurricane season is predicted to be one of the wettest on record and the Government of Haiti and the International community are urgently working on disaster preparedness for hurricane prone areas of the country.

The city of Gonaives is the most vulnerable to Hurricane related destruction in Haiti, and has been hit by two 100-year floods within four years during which over 5,000 lives were lost. Due to chronic deforestation and soil erosion in the mountains surrounding the city, Gonaives is regularly inundated with rainwater and avalanches of mud.

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