Law Clips from the 25 May 2010 meeting between Tier 1 Coaches and iRB Referee Manager's meeting.

Posted for the purpose of discussion with my referee coach. All rights iRB.

Tags: rugby, iRB, Law Clips, Law 15, Tackle

Clip # 9 of !0 "Tackle - Law 15.4 (b) Tackler not moving away from ball and tackled player"

From the Meeting Minutes, relative to this clip:

• Clarity given to coaches as to what constitutes Law 14 going to the ground voluntarily and what constitutes a tackle. (IRB Designated Members clarified this the day before).
• Meeting split on views but agreed clarity needed and this has now been given.
• Agreed this application of Law applies as of now but that it will be discussed again at Rugby Conference later in the year.
• Noted: The coaches’ opinions and views on rulings perhaps should have been noted before the designated law committee met.
• Law which states that player who affects a tackle but remains on his feet and therefore not deemed to be a tackler needs to be discussed at Rugby Conference.
• Agreement that all areas of Tackle law need to refereed strictly and as a result we will have a better game.

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