Law Clips from the 25 May 2010 meeting between Tier 1 Coaches and iRB Referee Manager's meeting.

Posted for the purpose of discussion with my referee coach. All rights iRB.

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Clip # 1 of !0 "Offside - Law 11.1 (c) Offsides from kicks"

From the Meeting Minutes, relative to this clip:

Offside at kicks
• The Assistant Referee has to be accountable.
• From a kick from a scrum or maul, it is important that the Assistant Referee checks the offside line of the chasing players.
• If the ball is kicked for touch, players who are offside must not advance until either put onside or when the ball has been confirmed as out by the AR.
• Players can’t advance before the ball is dead otherwise they will be penalised.
• The only person that can stop a quick throw in is a player who is in an on-side position OR a player in an offside position but not moving forward (after the kick) when the ball crosses the touchline.
• Or if the ball pitches prior to crossing he touchline, a player within 10 metres of where it ptiches who is retreating (according to Law) when the ball crosses the touchline. .

Other relevant info from the meeting:

Attended by:
B. Beaumont, IRB Vice – Chairman
G. Mourie, Chairman IRB Rugby Committee
M. Miller, IRB CEO
M. Egan, Head of Development and Performance
Tier One Coaches / Representatives:
D. Kidney, IRFU M. Johnson, RFU A. Robinson, SRU W. Gatland, WRU N. Mallet, FIR M. Lievremont, FFR D. Retiere, FFR S. Hansen, NZRU D. Nucifora, ARU P. De Villiers, SARU S. Phelan, UAR
P. O’Brien, IRB Referee Manager
A. Monaghan, IRB Referee Administrator
R. Jones, IRB Game Analyst
C. Thomas, IRB Games Analysis
L. Bray, SANZAR Referee Manager (Observer)
D. Courtney, ERC (Observer)
T. Spreadbury, Churchill Cup Referee Manager (Observer|)
D. McHugh, Nations Cup Referee Manager (Observer)

Welcome and introduction by Paddy O’Brien, IRB Referee Manager and Bill Beaumont, IRB Vice – Chairman to all in attendance.

POB begins by outlining the agenda and the points to be discussed for the meeting.

BB discusses the importance of achieving consistent global application of the laws emphasizing the effects that this has on the game from the top level to the community level.

Other areas of the game discussed by coaches

• Transparency on referee selection policy
• Referees appointed to Internationals without appropriate warm up matches..
• Public criticism of referees not desired
• RWC substitute numbers clarity – Will it be 7 or 8?
• Refereeing of advantage needs to be prescriptive?
• Coaches advised that these areas can be discussed at the Rugby conference later in the year
• The word ‘held’ needs to be defined in the law book.


Coaches demand consistency of application of Law in the discussed areas. Referees must referee the 5 key areas of the game as agreed. Coaches unanimous in stating that they will adjust as long as they know the referees will apply the law as stated above.

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