I shot this from the roof of the Super Fresh at the corner of 10th and South Streets in Philadelphia. It’s a gorgeous spot with a great view but for some reason I never used it during the five years that I lived across the street. Of course I found myself there today, only two months after we moved out of the neighborhood (we’re only about a mile south so luckily I can ride the bike over).

Anyway, I went up on the roof to try out a new polarizing filter we picked up. The good news is that I’m really happy with the filter. It makes the colors a bit deeper and a bit richer, not drastically so, but enough to give the image a richer feel.

The bad news is I shot this at 2 frames per second around noon. Note to self, if you’re ever going to shoot 2 FPS time lapse at mid-day, come equipped with additional ND filters. For the shoot I had the HVX’s internal ND filter cranked up all the way to 1/64 and the aperture closed all the way down to F11. I also had the two stop ND filter that’s built into the polarizer and it was still over exposed.

So unfortunately I cannot claim that this is pristine untouched footage that I captured with my raw talent. Nope. I ran out of light blocking utilities. So I went ahead and used the 3 way color corrector in Final Cut Pro to adjust it and bring everything down a bit. And in the end, I think it turned out looking pretty good. Hope you enjoy. Hopefully Jim and I will have some more gear demos in the coming days.


Oh and the music is by Williamson which is licensed by Creative Commons and can be found on jamendo.com

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