Malachy Steenson Workers Party addresses Dublin rally part of Week of Protest and Solidarity: 26th June 2010.

Following an appeal signed by 16 MEPs from the Left Group in the European Parliament (GUE/NGL), this week (21 to 26 June) has been designated as a "Week of Protest and Solidarity" across Europe - in opposition to the attacks on working people across Europe and in solidarity with the struggle in Greece.

Protest and solidarity actions are taking place across Europe around the demands of:

- Workers, pensioners, the unemployed, students, youth and those socially excluded must not pay for the crisis - Make the super rich and bankers pay
- Solidarity with the working people of Greece and for the unity of working people across Europe
- No cutbacks, wage cuts, unemployment & increases in the retirement age
- No to privatisation of public services
- End the dictatorship of the financial markets, credit ratings institutions and IMF
- Stop the bailouts of the banks - nationalise the banks and financial institutions in the interests of working people
- Explaining the need for united action across Europe, Nikolaos Chountis, MEP for Syriza in Greece, declared:

"Greece is the guinea pig for imposing very harsh austerity measures to achieve not only fiscal discipline imposed by the Stability Pact, but also to achieve competitiveness with "Chinese terms", ie to drop the labour costs and reduce labour and social rights. This policy is generalised in other European countries, the problem is no longer a Greek problem, but a European one. If there is not a coordinated and collective response to that, the forces of capital will gain significant strategic territory."

Speaking about the planned protest in Ireland, Joe Higgins MEP for the Socialist Party said:

"Saturday in Ireland will see a national demonstration as part of the week of action in Dublin. There is enormous anger at the savage cutbacks and attacks of the government, while bankers and speculators continue to be bailed out. This week of action highlights the potential for united action to be built across Europe. Together, thousands of workers across Europe are rejecting the dictatorship of the financial markets supported by the neo-liberal IMF, EU and right-wing governments. They are demanding that public services, workers' wages and living standards must take priority - not the profits of big business, speculators, bankers and developers."

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