Community response to U.S. systemic racism as evidenced by the murder of Oscar Grant, then reinforced by the Mehserle verdict.

This is the first round of going through my footage. I will try to update with clearer shots of police activities and some of the activities that happened after police began arresting peaceful citizens.

Add'l note as of 07/13, for clarity: I was not stating nor implying in this video that the Footlocker had *not* been broken in to. I choose to focus my camera on other developments on the street, like the folks peacefully protesting who were being assaulted by the police as lines of riot police stood by watching the Footlocker.

Between 8:30p and 9pm I was receiving texts from concerned friends and family stating that the news was saying there was "wide-spread looting" and" violence in downtown Oakland." That is what my statement is in reference to.

I have also now read in the days after that "Oakland burned," that there was a "riot" and that protesters were "violent." I reserve the right to disagree completely and I have footage that says otherwise.

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