In loving memory of
Peter Anton Orlovsky
(July 8, 1933 – May 30, 2010)

"Frankenstein's Little Monster", a re-visioning of Mary Shelley's novel focusing on the monster's frenzied sexual desires and eventual spiritual awakening, starred Justin Rezzonico as the human-penis turned vagabond-lover. In this scene, The Little Monster, nervous, confused, and lost in a spiritual supermarket, is first made vulnerable to the religious practices of Hindu "Master" Rick Shaw, played by Peter Orlovsky, of Beat Generation poesy & fame. Afterwards, Rick Shaw tries to involve The Little Monster in a pyramid scheme selling bliss-inducing Hope-On-A Rope.

Filmed on location in the Lacandon Jungle during the Zapatistas march to Mexico City, with a small budget and smaller film crew (comprising several midgets), the film was never released due to copyright disputes - some dialogue was admittedly plagiarized from the original book.

Writer & Director: Marc Israel
Executive Producer: Vincent Gallo
Cinematography: Blind Boy Chalmsford
Starring: Justin Rezzonico, Jennifer Williams, Brendan Sexton III, Peter Orlovsky, Dia Taylor, Marc Israel, & Tonya Harding

©2001 Phenomenal World Cinema

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