It's time to finally put the rumors to rest.

The Grow Taller Book program has finally been released to the public. After several years of collaborative effort between world-renowned physicians, scientists, fitness experts, and nutritionists, a comprehensive, highly-specific system of exercise and nutritional regimens has finally been released and is now available for purchase.

Hayden Carter, the Grow Taller Book's author and the chief coordinator for the collaborative efforts that led to its development, grew an astounding 3.5 inches in just under three months utilizing the exact methods that were refined through the countless hours of research and development.

The Grow Taller Book has been met with unprecedented acclaim by critics and previous skeptics alike, as hundreds of test subjects have reported increases in their natural height of anywhere from two to four inches -- all within just weeks of starting the program.

Men who previously stood at 5-foot-7-inches tall -- which is 2 inches shorter than the height of the average man -- are now reporting physician-verified heights of 5-foot-10-inches and even 5-foot-11-inches tall.

Hayden Carter has released four introductory videos to the public free of charge that demonstrate the basic outlines of the fundamental methodology behind the Grow Taller Book. To see the videos and read more about the exciting developments behind the Grow Taller Book, visit:

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