On June 18, 2010, I (Ms. Jen) interviewed Al Pavangkanan about his experience this last year with his Nokia N97. I have been thinking quite a lot about my own experience the last six months with a Nokia N97 and other people's, as it has been a device that folks either seem to enjoy, quirks and all, or really dislike and has driven folks away from Nokia as a brand.

To me, Al is a good person to ask on this subject as he is a geek, a gadget man, participates on the mobile forums, as well as in resident mobile expert for many of the people around him, but yet he also keeps his devices for a year or longer which gives him time to really live with them.

The Al P. speaks about his Nokia N97 video was video'd by Jenifer Hanen (@msjen) with her Nokia N86 whilst at Tuttle Club LA on Fri. June 18, 2010.

Al P. - twitter.com/epicepicness
Ms. Jen - blackphoebe.com/msjen & mobilefor.us

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