Intro videos for a presentation by the students of the Cranbrook 2d department. All songs are used without permission as this was initially shown in an educational context.

1. Skeleton - Inflatable Boy Clams
2. Bathtime in Clerkenwell - The Clerkenwell Kid
3. Closer to Mario - Nine Inch Goombas (Super Mario Bros. vs. Nine Inch Nails)
4. Eyeball Skeleton - Eyeball Skeleton
5. Stout-Hearted Man - Shooby Taylor (The Human Horn)
6. Do the Lollipop - Sweetness (Dave Soldier & Hip Hop Rascalz)
7. Slightly Crazy Lazy Day - The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man
8. Crazy Butt - Sound Advice (Gnarls Biggie)
9. A Knife and a Fork - Think Tank
10. Imagine...Walk on the Wild Side - rx (George W. Bush vs. John Lennon vs. Lou Reed)

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