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Andrea Maher never dreamed she would be “That Guy’s” Mom. She had high aspirations for each of her four children and raised them in a strong, loving Christian home. She has been married for thirty-three years to John, who is a retired Police Chief and currently Executive Undersheriff of the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office in Southern New Jersey.

Andrea was a stay-at-home mom and very involved in all of her boys’ activities, as well as in her local community. When her boys were in grade school, she spent time teaching at the local Christian school, bartering her time to pay for their tuition. When the boys entered high school, she petitioned the federal government for a grant to teach abstinence education in the public schools. She was awarded a Title V grant and co-wrote The Peer Challenge Program, which was presented countywide in area schools. She co-authored “What’s Up With That?” a booklet that answers the top fifteen questions most often asked by youth about sex.

Andrea also served as the Managing Editor of PARENT ABCs, a monthly magazine addressing the issues facing young families. She writes a monthly column in the Cape May County Herald Newspaper called, “Family Matters”, and her columns have appeared in numerous publications across the country.

She continues to be a sought after speaker for church groups and women’s organizations. She has conducted numerous workshops for parents, educators, and students in all areas of family life education.

John and Andrea are very active in their church and have taught the adult Sunday School class for over ten years.

In the early hours of Saturday, March 7th, 2009, her youngest son, Matthew Maher made the fatal decision to drive his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Traveling at a high rate of speed, Matthew struck the vehicle of 55 year-old Hort Kap, husband and father of six children. Mr. Kap was pronounced dead at the scene and Matthew was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter.

Matt was “That Guy” who grew up achieving in every area of his life. He was a role model, active in his community, excelled in academics and athletics, earned himself a full scholarship to Temple University, and eventually signed a professional contract as a soccer player. Now he is “That Guy,” a drunk driver, who killed an innocent man and who now resides in prison.

Matthew has dedicated himself to honoring the memory of his victim, Mr. Hort Kap, by continuing the call of finding purpose in unspeakable tragedy. His story is compelling in that it exemplifies the power of forgiveness and redemption. It challenges us to ask ourselves: “Can my faith really sustain me in life-changing trials and uncertainty?”

Matt has experienced what it means to go from the height of success to the depths of sorrow. He says, “If they told me I could leave prison tomorrow, I would refuse because God is teaching me so much and I have more to learn.”

Matt’s family and friends have committed themselves to posting Matt’s handwritten journals, mailed home from prison, to serve as an encouragement to all who visit “That Guys” website or listen to “That Guys Mom’s” weekly program here on FreshStart Broadcasting. They hope to spread the message that with God’s help, one can find hope in hopeless situations, and turn failure into a greater purpose of changing, impacting and ultimately saving lives.

Come join Matt, as he writes from prison, about the powerful lessons of his journey at “I’m That Guy: The BLOG.”

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