The fifth annual Volcom Amsterdamn am just finished up here in sunny Amsterdam!

The finals went off without a hitch. It must have been extremely hard to judge as everyone was ripping. Tiago Lemos Soares from Brazil, who took the golden ticket yesterday, had some of the most insane tricks to be put in a contest run. Alec Majerus had a flawless first run where he was kickflipping into everything. Louie Lopez was very consistent and switched up every run with different tricks. After the dust had settled, Alec Majerus deservedly came out on top.

The best trick contest went down while Nihilist pumped everyone up at the top of the course. Bodies were flying and everyone was going for broke, trying to win some Euros. After Nihilist was done playing, the judges gave the Best Trick to Kieran Reilly for a Frontside Flip over the bump to bar to Front Lip on the bank.

Thanks to Skatepark Amsterdam, tackyworld for the live webcast and everyone at Volcom for making the contest happen, as well as Skatepark of Tampa for keeping us entertained on the mic.


1. Alec Majerus, USA,€5.000,00
2. Louie Lopez, USA, €2.500,00
3. Tiago Lemon, BRA, €1.500,00
4. Tim Zom, NL, €1.250,00
5. John Koetzier, NL, €1.000,00
6. Spencer Lau, USA, €500,00
7. Douwe Macare, NL, €400,00
8. Axel Cruysberghs, BE, €300,00
9. Julien Merour, FRA, €200,00
10. Billy Hoogendijk, NL, €100,00
11. Hermann Stene, NOR, €100,00
12. Woody Hoogendijk, NL, €100,00

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