Richard Lainhart and Thomas Zunk perform live at Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst 2010. Recorded July 4, 2010, in Schiphorst, Germany. In this free improvisation, Thomas plays a Moog Etherwave Theremin with a variety of processing pedals, and Richard plays a Buchla 200e analog modular synthesizer controlled by a Haken Continuum three-dimensional keyboard controller.

The musical sculptures seen in the background are the creations of Ferdinand Försch.

Here's a review of the performance from The Wire:

The Wire #319, September 2010

On Location, page 80

Avantgarde Festival
Schiphorst, Germany

"… But it's not all mad bluster. On Sunday afternoon, upstairs in a studio-cum-performance space, surrounded by paintings and sculptures in varying states of completion, American minimalist Richard Lainhart, playing his analogue modular synthesizer system, and German theremin player Thomas Zunk perform the world premiere of their new arrangements of two sections from Messiaen's Quartet For The End Of Time. There's a wispy delicacy to the music that feels like the entire audience is holding its breath en masse. In the near-silence, with the windows thrown wide open to the fragrant wild-grass scents of the afternoon, birdsong and insect hum mingling with the theremin's tremulous swoon, it's possible to close one's eyes and imagine that this festival is a kind of heaven."

Daniel Spicer

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