Freely taken for the novel Invisible Cities of the italian writer Italo Calvino, this movie tells the Marco Polo's surreal journey to Ipazia, faraway city shrouded in a dense mystery, that will drag him to an illusory and deceptive reality.

Ipazia, Invisibile City is a movie realized only by sound and text.
The absence of the image, let the spectator full involved by its imagination in the own visualization of the movie.
The text has the only purpose to guide him to follow the plot realized by the author. But, is not necessary to read it. It could be more interesting, using handphones and closing eyes, to image what the sound suggests to you!

This sound design could be called theatrical sound design, because it is an emotional composition that involves the imagination by its pathos, in a strong dose of suspence and action.

All the work is originated from personal audio samples of common objects and similar sources: action and suspence are expressed by a multitude of sound effects like foot steps on grass or moving the water by hands, from little iron wheels and my voice to a cart pulled by an horse, hedges, etc; the scenography by many backgrounds which rend surreal the atmosphere and the environment.
The audio is available both in stereo and surround 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS formats.

Daniele Carli © 2010 - - contact[at]danielecarli[dot]com

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