"This is about the small businesses of the world that are being conveniently pushed out by the strategic location of international corporations."

brOKe' (2010) is the 'overextended preview'/trailer for CONFRONT's second theme/release 'Death and Rebirth,' the full version of which is currently in development (capturing, writing, filming, playing, creating and editing various expressions).

‘abUSe,’ the first theme of CONFRONT, was released Spring 2010 and can be experienced at:

CONFRONT is a four-part creative writing and exhibition experiment expressed through visual poetry/film (poetry, music and performance).

The experimental piece reveals stories from characters in the places I've traveled, along with fragments of my own personal narrative, flushed all together as a way of creatively exploring the needs of the individual and the collective and to create funded group work in this developing world.

Project Themes/Content

CONFRONT ‘common stories’ are structured within four main themes:

1. abUSe: Released May 2010, (Needs of the Individual)

2. Death & Rebirth: Currently filming/writing/editing, (Needs of the Individual)

3. Energy & Environments: TBA
4. Interdependence: TBA

Thanks to:
Navona Studio
Sienna Art Gallery
RabbitHoleStudio &
The Sweathshop

Contributing Artists:
Shanti Gallard: character voice (abUSe) 'designer', II. Killin Time

Jorgie Viento: (abUSe, brOKe) musical performance, artist

CONFRONT logo and character (the confronter) created by Ryan Eugene of Vicious Ink.

Ryan Eugene
'Vicious Ink'
Ogden, Utah


Daniel Baez


CONFRONT: Script writings (stories), video text (overlays), music (improvised & collaborative), project description (including intent, production, values & theme outline), exhibition proposal and all other information relevant to the project available upon request.

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