Platypux is a french Linux distribution which allows you to take your works everywhere.
* Easy to use : Thanks to the window manager Openbox, you will be at ease with your system environnement
* Multi-plateform : on PCs, laptops, external hard disk or USB keys (easy installation on RAID 0 available !!).
* Adapt it for your needs : You will get THE system which corresponds YOU by customizing the PLATYPUX DVD.
* Free : Free to use, only based in free softwares
* A lot of tools installed by default : OpenOffice, Gimp, Inkscape, Xsane, Firefox, Pidgin, OpenShot, FileZilla, Peazip, JavaMPlayer... to listen to music, navigate on the Web...
* 3D acceleration available: NVIDIA with proprietaries drivers , ATI with open-sources drivers only...
* Kernel sources (2.6.33 version) available :to compile an "exotic" module. It works with UDEV AND WITHOUT HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

English official website : (MIRROR)

French official website : (MIRROR)

PLATYPUX Manual (in French) : or

Music under Creative Commons licence (Author:

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