Production company:
zombie flesh eaters
director: jamie hewlett
producer: cara speller
editor: seb monk

animation production company:
passion pictures
co-director: pete candeland
prodcuer: debbie crosscup
executive producer: hugo sands

2d animation director: robert valley
2d animators: daryl graham, pete dodd, yuriy sivers,
2d layout: nelson yokota de paula lima
2d assistants: jay wren, gerry gallego,
tabbi oconnell, simon swales
2d fx: dave headd, giles dill, tim divall,
kim rabbitt, micheal sofoluke
ink and paint: megs white dore
2d co-ordination: tony clarke

head of cg: jason nicholas
vfx supervisor: neil riley
cg modelling: ian brown, matthias bjurstrom, mario ucci
texture/shading: ian brown, gabriel loques,
melanie climent, claire michaud
rigging: chris dawson, francois pons
cg animation supervisor: wes coman
cg animation: chris welsby, isabel auphan ,
sandra guarda, alice holme
cg lighting supervisor: harry bardak
lighting/render: claire michaud, guillaume cassuto, jon uriarte
cg fx: jamie franks, sajjad amjad, jayson king
composite: johnny still, niamh lines, david lea, james butler
matte painting: max dennison
editor: lee gingold, tim king

post production: the moving picture company
colourist: paul harrison
producer mpc: josh king

final cut pro
softimage xsi
real flow

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