Non-Commercial Student Work. Created by Julian Ayala, Aaron Bauer, Darin Fentress, Jonathan Quintero, and Ramon Rubio, game design students at International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago, IL. Game level environment creation for the game level we will be building in upcoming classes. Background on the video: Post-apocalypse world where aliens have taken control. What few humans remain are rounded up and forced to compete in arena death matches. This particular level shows a small desert town, decimated and bordered up. All of us are credited for concept creation, individual credits as follows:

Julian Ayala: Interior Sewer designer and artist, animation, and rendering

Aaron Bauer: Exterior set designer and artist, vehicle designer and artist, animation, rendering

Darin Fentress: Exterior park artist, interior basement designer and artist, animation, and rendering

Jonathan Quintero: Exterior Building artist, exterior set design, particle effects design, rendering

Ramon Rubio: Exterior building artist, exterior set design

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