Documenting the Montpelier (VT) SquareBall, sponsored by Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) on June 26, 2010. These are five clips from the evening program, with calling shared by Will Mentor and Nils Fredland. Musicians are Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, fiddle; Owen Morrison, guitar; Corey DiMario, bass; and Lee Blackwell, drums.

Here’s a listing of the dances you’ll find and approximate starting time for each:

00:00 First Night Quadrille (Will)
Dance by Bob Dalsemer

00:50 Just Because (Nils)
Nils is presenting the version as called by Ralph Sweet; many New England callers also call a version with a different intro and break, using figures popularized by Duke Miller.

02:01 Little Sisters (Will)
A classic. In his book “The American Cowboy Square Dance Book," caller Jimmy Clossin declares, “This is the simplest of all Square Dances and recommended for Beginners.” You can also find online description and calls in “American Square Dances of The West & Southwest” by Lee Owens.

03:16 Take Three Swings (Nils)
This dance was created by the great Texas caller Herb Greggerson. Directions can be found in “On the Beat with Ralph Sweet,” available from CDSS.

04:59 Virginia Reel Square (Will)
This is an early composition by the great New England caller Ted Sannella. It’s published in Ted’s first book, “Balance and Swing

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