Water, liquids, fluidity are the common elements of the four clips realised by Mylicon/En in 2003, which are, though, very different regarding the technics used for the production.
"20 ml" and "40 ml" emphasize the peculiarity of Mylicon/EN production: images that seem to be very elaborated have been created by simple actions - such as placing everyday objects (glasses, bottles, coloured plastics and water) in between a camera and a TV set. The editing has been reduced to a minimum, while a new soundtrack has been created.

In "300 mg" e "7 cc" a new character is introduced, representing the use of the brain in a stimulus-response way, emphasized by a "clinical" use of the soundtrack. Sound and video excerpts taken from educational documentaries of the seventies (made in USA) - a sort of mix of science, IQ tests, bizarre naivetè and unpunished cruelties -are re-elaborated through an ironical and pityless approach (which is the boundary between the educational documentary and the electroshock?). In these work video and sound play a game between synch and out of synch, between convergence and contrast. In "7 cc", a sound excerpt by CaneCapovolto's "The Black Mirror of Democracy" has been used, to stress the link between the educational/political aim of the documentaries and some inexplicable very recent events.

Two of the clips have been created from recordings of past live sets. For the other two clips, images from a project in progress have been used.

Clips titles, as the name of the duo, remind Western biomedicine, dosages and names of common medicines against depression and anxiety.

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