Get up extra early, just to see
That totally epic flower that's taller than you or me
She sits in the Butterfly Center at HMNS
When she blooms you'll smell her from a half mile radius
Oh, lois. Come on and let your corpse-smell flow-is.
Open up your petals ans show us.
Cuze we've been waiting one whole week
Runnin up flights of stairs to get a peek
Of Lois. Come on and let your corpse-smell flow-is.
Tunnin out of words that rhyme with Lois.
La la la la la la la la grow for us.

hurry up and bloom, alright? Or else they're gonna start a fight
Ciz they've been waiting a while in line, to get a glimpse for which they pine
Of everybody's favorite plant
Thanks for putting up with my rant
And thanks most of all, to Lois!

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