i've been looking to make one of these for a while now. they can setup such cool shots!

my first intro to the DIY dolly was at cheesycam.com and then at vimeo.com/7068211 they did some great shots with it.

it was a rainy day so i took a quick look in the garage to see what i could use to make one of these wheel dollies!

really, i found all the materials in the garage, but if you go out and buy them i'm sure you would spend less than $30.

when i first put it together i grabbed skateboard wheels from my kids. i gave them back for two reasons... 1. too hard and 2. too small. with the rollerblade wheels i was able to put the axles on the top and get the centre of gravity lower down.

one of the best additions you can make to your tool box is the fluid video head. (discovered it on cheesycam.com) i would recommend getting one if you are going to be doing video.


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