Dr Funkenstein - Live Looping

Recording loops on the fly, live dub mixing, and guitar improvisation.

The whole arrangement was created spontaneously using just two short loops:

1. Two bar drum loop
2. A one bar Rhodes piano riff based around Amin9

The variety is created using realtime tweaking of filters, effects, dub mixing, fading stuff in and out with faders and track mutes, adding some loops on the fly. The guitar solos as well as the arrangement were improvised i.e. made up as I went along.

PC Slaptop running Ableton Live and a bunch of plugins (using Ableton's native plug-ins exclusively), Novation NIO audio interface, PEAK midi footswitcher, Digitech RP350 guitar multi FX pedal (including an octaver for the bass sound) , Wah pedal, Novation Launchpad, Korg Nano Kontrol, Ibanez plank, Calvin Klein underpants (essential for getting that analogue sound)

(Apologies for the slightly out of sync audio/video and crap frame rate...)

Download the loops here: cosmosis.co.uk/blog/cosmosis-live-looping-loops-download

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