Drift Cup @ Anneau Du Rhin, France


Pro :
01. Kevin Delhaye (team KD Racing)
02. Sebastien Anger (team SJSA)
03. Sener Uwe (pilote allemand)
04. Thomet Alain (Team Speed Industries)
05. Tobias Welti (Team Speed Industries)
06. Prudent Laurent (Team ADN)
07. Castano Michel (Team ADN)
08. Laurent Goupil (Team SJSA)
09. Bedjai Gordan
10. Geoffroy Sebastien (Team SJSA)
11. Frank Lagalice (Team SJSA)
12. Tribot Anthony
13. Ferreira Fréderic
14. Roque Canales (Team Crazy Drift)

01. Latscha Cédric
02. Cousin Laurent
03. Delhaye Yani (Team KD Racing)
04. Hendenschild Roman (Team Speed Industries)
05. Kauffmann Mike (Team Smoky Drift)
06. Eiguel Emmanuel (Team Smoky Drift)
07. Hueber Régis
07. Hauger Dimitri
08. Schwindenhammer Olivier
09. Spinosa Philippe
10. Guillot Philippe
11. Jaegle Johan
12. Redl Roland
12. Strich Eric
12. Greu Sébastien

Video by Marco Bolognese, TrackDays.ch
Sony HDR-XR520VE, GoPro HD, Letus Mini 35mm DOF Adapter, Timelapse with Nikon D300s 18-200mm 3.5

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